Our GF Beef

Our organization provides the highest quality and multiple types of grass fed beef.  

Our program includes the following breeds. 

Wagyu, Angus, Angus/Longhorn crosses, Charolais, and Longhorn

Utilizing multiple breeds gives us the ability to provide a wide range of grass fed products with affordable prices.

Strong marbling breeds will provide tender high end cuts like Rib-eyes and T-bones.  Lower marbling breeds are used solely to provide quality inexpensive ground.

Marbling is necessary to produce the best high end cuts.

Our herds are raised from the highest of pedigrees.

The newest addition to the program is our Wagyu stud with a strong pedigree of top marbling animals in the Wagyu industry.

What is a Wagyu?

Wagyu were originally bred in Japan.  There are multiple types of Wagyu, named from different territories.

The main goal of creating the Wagyu is it's natural marbling ability with healthy beef in mind.

Most consider Wagyu the best beef available.

In Japan the beef is marketed as Kobe beef, in the United States the beef is known as Kobe Style.

Perform an online search of Wagyu or Kobe beef.  Once you see the marbling of the meat produced from these animals you will understand why they are in such demand and why we feel they are a perfect match for the GF Beef program.

Not Just Wagyu

Angus/Longhorn crosses are becoming extremely popular. Crossing for us means putting a Angus stud with Longhorn cows.

A major reason for crossing is that Longhorn cows eat less thus needing less land.

The offspring take on more of the attributes of the Angus; marbling, size and tenderness of the beef.

While Wagyu beef (Kobe style) usually means a higher cost, Angus/Longhorn crosses provide a  tender meat which can be purchased at a lower cost.

Our program is about providing the highest quality beef to the widest range of customers.

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