Beef Orders

We attempt to process orders as needed.  Inventory will vary.  Not all grass fed beef cuts will be available upon demand.  

 All beef is Dry Aged.

Please call or email for availability. 

                       All pricing are based on dollars per pound. Pricing will vary for premium cuts such as Rib-eyes and T-bones.  Grass Fed animals are not as predictable as corn fed animals in regards to tenderness.  We test cook each processing to gauge tenderness.
Ground Beef packaged in 1 lb. tubes $5.99 per lb.
Pre-pressed patties 2 lb. packs, 1/3 lb. 6 per pack  $6.50 per lb.
50/50 Patties, Kobe/Angus & Pork $6.50 per lb.
Will be producing Kobe/Hotlander steak (NY Strip/Ribeye cuts) patties soon.

We do have premium cuts in stock, please call for pricing.

We are currently in stock of a full line of pure
Wagyu (Kobe Style) grass fed products.

We can do special orders if timed right.  You can tell us how you want the USDA facility to prepare your cuts and which cuts you want.

The USDA facility can also do some specialty products such as Sausages


Contact Information
Phone 1 (903) 818-3697

We are located in Denison, TX.  Delivery or meeting at planned location possible depending on size of order and location in North Texas.

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