Grass Fed Beef

Welcome to GF Beef, a grass fed beef organization of family and friends dedicated to providing healthier beef options for you and your family.

Grass fed beef is healthier containing less negative fats than feedlot beef that you traditionally find at the grocery stores and restaurants.  Refer to our Health Resource page for details.

Our animals are of the highest quality raised on family and friend's ranches throughout North Texas.

The ranches have the highest quality grasses which produce a superior animal.

The pedigrees and breeds of our cattle are excellent.  Refer to Our GF Beef.  The best cattle make the best beef.

All of our beef cuts are Dry Aged.  The Dry Aging process naturally breaks down the beef adding flavor.

We provide a variety of cuts which can be viewed on the Beef Orders page.  We can also do limited special processing. 

We utilize a USDA facility for the processing of our cattle.

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